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9m Partners are a next generation executive search consultancy specialising in providing tailored and precise talent sourcing alternatives for all of your classified, business critical and niche vacancies.


We have learnt through a wealth of experience in Executive Search that appointing business critical, niche or ‘hard to fill roles’ requires collaboration, consultation and great understanding.

The vital elements to a successful appointment are the ‘why’, ‘what’ and ‘who’ – Why do we need to appoint this position? What are the key attributes we need from our hire? Who would be the best fit for our company and its culture?

Working in our client-centric model, we can ensure you only consider candidates that will enhance and develop your business culture.

This deep understanding, alongside our innovative commercial offering, allows 9M Partners to be just that – partners in your search.

Contact us now to discuss our services and what we can offer you, in more detail.